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Omnichannel Contact Center

Imagine a platform - an Omnichannel Contact Center, where all incoming requests and outgoing marketing communications are centralized, and all your messages don’t matter from which channel they go bring the unified brand identity. A single place in your business where communications from any channel can be stored and are searchable from, where data from one channel could be used to create an effective campaign in other channels.
This is what we deliver, and so much more!

All communications matter, and every contact count

If an existing customer wants not only to resolve their issue but is prime for a different product or service you offer, you want that opportunity to be identified and managed as a lead no matter what channel your customer uses.

Whether a new customer wants to ask a few basic questions after getting an email; or they’ve visited your e-commerce store and need to get a little clarification. These are the exact types of communications that an omnichannel contact center can help you handle, manage, and convert.

Off course, we don’t just focus on maximizing conversions with a highly effective contact center solution, we are dedicated to giving your customers and your business the most effective support. This both resolves and informs, to the complete satisfaction of your clients and your business.

All communications matter

Why you should use Omnichannel Contact Center

Inbound Request Management for your company

Inbound Request Management:

Our platform makes it easy to stay organized and ensure that every contact is handled in a resolute and time-efficient manner. Any request, regardless of whether it is made via FB messenger, email, phone or other source will be available to view in a single ticketing platform. With the automated ticketing of omnichannel requests, you have the ability to tag and categorize these requests into manageable workflows with intelligent tracking, along with instantly visible history on an individual or company level. The ticketing platform design is customizable, and logos, fonts, and colors can each be selected according to your individual preference.

Manage All Communication in One Place

Manage All Communication in One Place:

A simple way to stay in control of all your messages from various channels like email, voice, SMS, FB Messenger, and live chat. Your agents will not need to login and connect via the individual platforms to answer the client. It is intuitive, easy to use, it saves time, and all customer support, marketing, and sales team members can receive and respond to communications in a single location. The same applies to any outgoing marketing campaigns, and if there are questions or inquiries that come back to the business, they can be quickly answered on this platform with ease.

Conversation History

View Conversation History:

When you speak with a customer, they expect you to know their history. They demand a seamless customer contact experience where a company knows their history and is instantly aware of their previous conversations with representatives of the business. This history is also a vital source of segmented data for marketing campaigns and marketing automation. All communications that have been made with a contact since the point they first contacted you as a potential client are stored and instantly accessible to your agents in a single, easy to search location.

Save Time and Resources

Save Time and Resources:

When a member of a team needs to hunt for information across various systems, this takes time. Not only does this drain your resources and extend the time it takes to serve your customers; it can also result in frustration, a lack of cohesiveness and oftentimes, it can prevent your agent from accessing the information they need to serve and be fully informed. Now, your agents will not need to switch to different communication channels, wasting time, and keeping your clients waiting. We make it quick and easy to analyze history, get clarity, and prepare an informed response.

Better Support and Higher Conversions

Better Support and Higher Conversions:

When your agents have access to the right data, at the right time, they are better informed to make the right decisions and give the client the best response. Your customers and prospects get a better level of service and a greater impression of the organization as a whole. This level of continuity can make a significant difference to service levels, and it can aide in the speedier resolution of requests. Aside from this, client interactions and communication history can be interconnected, helping your agents to spot more opportunities to sell relevant products and services.

Detailed Custom Statistics

Detailed Custom Statistics:

Data drives intelligent choices, and it also helps to organize and manage workflows effectively. With customizable user segmentation, tags can be added to individual queries, accounts, and specific events or triggers that result from the specific actions of a user. It is also possible to draw out information regarding specific campaigns and channel activities to give you a thoroughly detailed and accurate analysis of responses and subsequent activities. In terms of managing agent productivity levels, you can drill down to extract data regarding the number of requests, average resolution times, or any other customizable KPIs on an individual, group, or customer level. For outbound requests, you can also itemize opened, answered, received, clicked, and other pre-set measurables of such campaigns.

One Voice for your Brand

One Voice for your Brand:

We make it easy to deliver a seamless user experience across a range of channels to your customers. We can customize the design of the platform to match your brand guidelines in terms of font and colors, and we may add your logos too. For all of your communications whether it is customer support or marketing campaign, you can tailor branded messages that will be instantly recognizable as coming from your business. This can help to strengthen your brand’s identity and unify your voice and communications.