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Two-factor authentication

In order to help you secure your clients’ profiles, software, website accounts etc. we offer an impeccable SMS-based two-factor authentication service. By integrating our 2FA into your applications or websites, your clients will be issued an SMS every time they connect to your application or website or someone else attempts to log into the said applications, from a different device.

Why You Should Use Two Factor Authentication

Improved security with user authentication solutions

Improved security

User authentication is undoubtedly one of the biggest perks boasted by two-factor authentication. Experience security like never before and ensure that only you can log into your online software and applications!

Secure online accounts by turning on 2FA

Reduced fraud

By turning on 2FA, you are literally amping up the security of your online accounts. The authentication service in question acts as an unbreakable wall in a way that it doesn’t allow your software or applications to get easily hacked. So, stay safe and use 2FA to fend off the threats to your clients’ online security.

With two way authentication may reset passwords by themselves

Reduced help desk costs

Gone are the days when you had to spend your customer support valuable time (and money) on calls to the IT help desk in order to get your clients’ password reset. By enabling 2FA, you can easily allow your users to reset their passwords in a safe and secure way. Enjoy an enhanced user experience and save some extra bucks on security calls!