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Email marketing

An email marketing is an important aspect of business growth and success. Not only is it one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for business of all sizes, you also have full control over what goes out to your contacts. Markengting emails are easily personalised and can be targeted to speak directly to your customers. A well organized email campaign provides the means to instantly update your customers on new products, offers, discounts and more.

Why You Should Use Our Email Marketing Solutions?

Detailed statistics of your email campaigns

Detailed Statistics

Imagine having insight into what exactly makes your email campaign successful. When using our email marketing services, you will receive detailed statistics of your campaign. Use the data to mould your campaigns to your customers to convert even more emails to sales. Using the information we provide, you’re emails will no longer be a shot in the dark.

Use our email templates

Ready to use templates

Enjoy designing the perfect marketing emails for your brand. With ready to use templates, you can choose any layout, style and design to achieve a professional looking email that invites your customers in. Our templates give you the tools to create the right impression. You can get all the essential information to your customers with our convenient drag and drop email editor. Create detailed and effective marketing emails with just a few clicks!

We use antispam control

Antispam control

Do you feel like your email efforts are being wasted? Too often, carefully crafted emails end up in a spam folder, never to see the light of day. With sophisticated antispam control features, you can be confident that your marketing emails will reach your target audience. We keep emails out of spam folders so your time, effort and money aren’t spent in vain.

Landing page upon request

Landing pages

Back up your emails with a custom designed landing page. Upon your request, we can construct a webpage that takes your emails further and gives your customers more information. Your persuasive landing page will increase conversion rates while making life easy for you and your customers.