What is SMS advertising?

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Probably all of us know, what SMS text messaging is. We started sending SMS almost 30 years ago, and nowadays we still continue to do so.

However we can send and receive SMS not only to our friends, but customers too. And not just in your country, but all over the world! SMS text messaging platform is the most extensive platform for direct access to consumers, as all phones are equipped with a function of receiving SMS.

Nowadays you can manage yourSMS campaign by sending SMS messages in any language, schedule all your campaigns, get statistics and reach your customers with with relevant content.

If you are a new player in SMS advertising game, let me introduce you to some key facts.

SMS Advertising is:

  • a way to utilize the latest methods of electronic and mobile commerce, high-growth mobile markets and a wide reach of the World Wide Web.
  • an advertising and marketing tool that delivers advertising or other kinds of information to a consumer via SMS, sent to the mobile phone.
  • the latest advertising and marketing tool that complements traditional and online methods.
  • the ability to choose the most relevant consumers and shortest delivery routes to them.
  • only applied to users who opt in to such advertising, thus greatly improving efficiency

Now, when you know what SMS advertising is, I would like to mark out some types of SMS advertising.

Mobile banners

Mobile banners are similar to paper coupons - they can be called mobile coupons. They can be stored on a mobile phone and then used to get gifts or discounts on products.

Bulk messaging

The concept of mass mailing is that the advertisement is sent to multiple mobile phones simultaneously. It's an extremely convenient method of advertising, capable of replacing traditional ways such as mass mailing or cold calling.

Database marketing

Advertising campaigns can be carried out in any appropriate category, including, for example, Food, Nightlife and Computers. Mass mailing is convenient for reaching a large audience. People usually ignore online advertisements or promotional emails, but sms messages are being opened and read virtually all the time, thus making sms advertising perfect for reaching the largest possible audience.

Some facts about SMS marketing

Actually, companies often use sms advertising as a part of a unified multi-channel marketing strategy for their products and services. And I should note, that mobile marketing is perhaps the most effective of all available means of communication with customers bypassing traditional ways - radio, Internet and TV.

According to analysts, the efficiency of mobile marketing in Europe varies from 8 to 45 %. SMS advertising is becoming a more attractive method for promoting products and services. Companies are actively presenting their brands and products to customers via SMS. Largest British companies, such as Cadbury, McDonalds, Red Bull, Guinness and others, also began to apply SMS advertising and marketing.

Send SMS if you want to inform your customers about sales, discounts and special promotions.

Send SMS if you want to improve the level of services provided by you - inform your customers about their order status, appointments etc. Use SMS for login, registration, confirmation of payments etc.

Send SMS when you want to congratulate wish your clients and partners happy birthday or congratulate with other holidays and increase customer loyalty to your company and also remind about your company by reminding them about yourself.

Start sending SMS to your clients and partners today!