What is Bulk SMS service?

Bulk SMS service is one of the most cost effective marketing platforms out there. Which allows your company to interact directly with your customers/audience. By providing transactional SMS, SMS marketing or even a 2way communication. Bulk SMS is an action of sending at once the same message to a large numbers of customers/users. Commonly used by financial institutions, enterprises, media companies for a variety of reasons:

  • Alerts
  • Reminders
  • Marketing
  • Entertainment
  • Information
  • Communication between staff and customer
  • In short bulk messaging lets you deliver SMS messages to mobile handsets almost anywhere in the world.

I bet some have a question “What is the difference between regular SMS sent from your phone and bulk SMS?”. It is actually fairly simple difference.

P2P SMS (Person-to-Person SMS or regular SMS):

  • Sending SMS from Mobile to Mobile just like chatting with your friend
  • Mobile if in the contact list is displayed on receivers Mobile. Otherwise it is not
  • A reply back to the same number is available if the user wants to
  • All SMS sent through it are deemed transactional
  • May have different rates for Local & STD SMSs
  • All messages are sent from one phone

To summarize – it’s the same as your day to day use of SMS.

A2P SMS (Application-to-Person SMS):

  • SMS sent from a Web Application or an integrated using API in the user’s system to Mobile
  • Senders ID (name or brand) usually can be seen instead of a Mobile Number.
  • Depending on a type of service chosen, the sender can choose to send only 1way SMS with no option to reply or 2way communication allowing to have a direct interaction with the client.
  • Roughly all the different types of SMS sent could be categorized in: Transactional* & Promotional SMS. *
  • Pay a fixed price per SMS per chosen service (different countries different rates).
  • No SMS limit to be sent from service provider.

To summarize – the different between the regular messaging (P2P) and this one (A2P) is that one uses mobile to mobile sending while A2P uses platform to mobile.

Lastly here is a short list of benefits the Bulk SMS service provides:

  • Instant Deliverability
  • Easy way to approach the clients
  • Speed and Flexibility
  • Instant Opt-In and Opt-Out
  • Cost Effective
  • High Open Rate
  • High conversion rate
  • Reliable
  • Limitless Market Potential
  • Speed and Flexibility
  • Highly Targeted
  • Personalization
  • Providing the information client needs

* Transactional SMS – for notifications, alerts and so on to registered clients
* Promotional SMS – for advertising and marketing to targeted audiences to announce your sales, offers, coupons and etc.