How to build your DB for SMS marketing campaign?

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You have a great idea, the best company and want to spread your idea to world.

Start from building your potential clients’ database. There are 4 popular ways for collecting customers for you database. We advise you to use more than one way.


Surveying is one of the easiest and most effective way to fill your potential customers database. Obviously, people who are ready to answer your questions, are your customers and they know your company, brand or product. That is why these people are willing to share information with you. Moreover, in your question list, you may ask to fill for the client’s name, so you could use it in the future for more personal communication. If you wish to get as more customers as possible, you could give them a little gift - a discount in your shop, for instance.

Personal communication

If people are not willing to fill in you question list, you could communicate with them personally and explain them, explaining why it is useful for them to share that information with you. Explain them, that you will send news about sales, new arrivals and best offers.

Subscription to your website

You may place online subscription form on your web site and give your customer the opportunity to choose all of the topics that they'd like to see in a newsletter.

Marketing campaigns

Organize a marketing campaign and never miss the opportunity to get new customers into your database. Ask people about your product or service, get their opinion, let them win some prizes from you, and get for some information about themselves as well. Don’t forget to notify your customers, that you will send them useful information, promotions or birthday greetings.

We advise you to give your customers some benefits for providing their mobile number. If you tie the signup into some benefits, you will probably have a much better collection rate.

Good luck!