2015 Q3 SMS conferences insights from VertexSMS

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For the last 3 years VertexSMS is actively expanding partnership with A2P aggregators and mobile operators worldwide, as coverage is key in A2P SMS business. One of the best options to succeed in finding right partner is meeting face to face. Three years of traveling and attendance of different conferences gained us some experience. We though it should be helpful to shout out this experience to everyone who`s involved in A2P SMS business and deciding which conferences are worth attending. We also believe that sharing our insights will improve quality of events, dedicated to TELCO business, especially in A2P SMS field. We will share short reviews after each event we attend. This will be simple insights which could help you make final decission. Lets start from recent events.

Capacity Africa 2015, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Capacity Africa is one of the largest African wholesale telecoms conferences, bringing together about 400 senior-level attendees representing the entire African wholesale community.

During event there are multiple dedicated networking opportunities including sponsored parties, lunches and meeting rooms. Even fundraising Capacity Africa 5km run could be a place for you to do new business connections. So Capacity is doing its best for you to have more than enough time to connect and secure new business with Africa's wholesale key decision makers. The downside of this years event was the fact, that majority of attendees were focused on DATA and VoIP wholesale and very little on A2P SMS. During 2015 event we were struggling in finding local African A2P SMS aggregators or mobile operators. The conclusion - very good organised event which worth attending if they are going to attract more SMS wholesalers especially from African region.

Wholesale World Congress 2015, Madrid, Spain

Wholesale World Congress is an event for the entire wholesale community with participants from all areas of the wholesale telecom industry including voice, SMS, data. This years SMS wholesalers list was really long. They even had SMS Exchange Corner which was the meeting point for the SMS telecommunications community. SMS Corner offered various networking opportunities through meeting rooms, an integrated exhibit and bilateral table area.
To conclude - great event of the SMS industry. You`ll definitely find VertexSMS in WWC2016!