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SMS services have become a part of our everyday lives. We get messages on mobile phones regarding credit card balance sheets, loans, discounts and promotions in stores or interesting events in the city. Sending and receiving SMS messages have become as easy as sending a letter by email. Virtually all messages received on a mobile phone are read and most phones even display a part or the entire message on screen without the need to open it manually.

Thus, over the last few years, sending SMS messages has become an effective and popular way of communication. That's why many companies, regardless of their field of activity, increasingly use SMS messages as a promotional tool or a way to improve the business image of their organization.

Advantages of bulk SMS:

Low cost in comparison with other types of communication. Using mass messages, you can significantly reduce the money and time you spend on other kinds of alerts (such as phone calls or E-Mail messages), as well as replace expensive Radio and TV advertising.

Appeal to the target audience. Short messages are sent to your client bases, so they reach people this information is actually relevant to.

Fast and direct delivery of information to the recipient. When the phone is turned on, your message will reach the subscriber a few moments after it has been sent. Nearly 100% of incoming messages are read by the recipient. And you can always know exactly which message was delivered or not. Promotional SMS sending conveys your message with a much higher exposure (due to the message almost always being read by the recipient) and the percentage of responses than the traditional and online forms of advertising.

Accessibility and ease of use. You are sending the right message at a time convenient for you from any computer. Sending SMS messages does not require any special knowledge or skills.

SMS advertising lowers the cost barrier and enables small advertisers to enter the market: cheap SMS campaigns are suitable for small restaurants, bars, travel agencies etc..

Spread. SMS is by far the most extensive platform for direct access to consumers, as all phones are equipped with a function of receiving them.

Call to action. SMS advertising allows your consumer to perform an action to purchase the promoted product or service, thus increasing the degree of success for the advertiser.

The advantages are obvious - advertiser reduces advertising costs, due to the fact that there is no need to establish contact individually with each potential customer, or to produce printed materials. SMS can be used to deliver news, finance, sports information, lottery results and even horoscopes. The company of any size can advertise special offers to its existing and potential customers.