No more wasted appointments with SMS

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We forget things. It happens. We all live busy lives with an ever-increasing list of tasks, chores, and to-do`s. If you`re running a service-based business like a salon, massage therapy, or doctor`s practice, clients forgetting about their appointments can be a costly mistake. With technology evolving at a faster rate than ever, you can prevent your clients from forgetting important appointments, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

SMS appointment reminders are here to help.

The concept is simple. You can set up your current appointment calendar with an SMS service to instantly track your appointment list, create a template for the reminder, and automate the messages to be sent out to your clients at the appropriate time. The benefit of SMS reminders compared to emails or phone calls is the ability to reach people instantly with a much higher chance of the message actually being read.


You are due for your dental cleaning 4 PM today with Dr.Teeth. Please call us at 555-123-9867 to reschedule or cancel.

Why SMS`

  • It`s cheap. SMS services have a low monthly cost but are able to improve your profits by having less clients miss their appointments and avoiding wasted time slots.
  • It`s easy. The service only has to be set up once, and it will automatically work with your calendar updates to make sure that each message is sent out to the correct person, on-time.
  • It`s custom. You can easily modify message templates to fit your business and make variations for different customer types and services.

You don`t need high-tech, expensive, and inconvenient software or applications to help clients make their appointments. A simple SMS service will help you save time, money, and focus on what`s really important ` your business.