Lithuanians triumph in Western Union tender

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In June Lithuanian based company Vertex will start sending two-way communication SMS messages to the clients of Western Union. This type of messages allows customers to reply and receive provided benefits and privileges. The service will launch in UAE and later will be introduced to more countries.

"One of the largest financial corporations in the world trusts us to help it manage SMS loyalty redemption. When its clients send SMS to our two-way communication messages, our systems will update data about them. So, winning this tender is ultimate recognition of our experience, infrastructure and potential" says Ernestas Petkevičius, CEO of Vertex.

Lithuanian company will provide the service through its VertexSMS platform. Two-way communication messages will allow enabling reply2redeem service to loyalty customers of Western Union. When such message is received, the person will be provided with the loyalty reward he or she selected.

"Our vender had to meet number of safety requirements. Vertex proved that they can adapt their technical solutions very quickly to meet them and they offered adequate pricing. What is more, we already had chance to see this company in action during other projects" states Felipe Echeverri, Product Development & Delivery Director of Western Union.

Lithuanian company has helped Western Union with communication through SMS messaging since 2012. Until now it focused on sending out traditional short messages to clients of financial company in 50 countries around the globe.

Vertex will coordinate two-way communication messaging with Western Union offices and service centers in Lithuania, Italy and India.