How to choose sender name for SMS campaign?

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Why only so few companies choose to integrate and compliment their Email campaigns with SMS?

You probably already know that there are a lot of tools that can help you stay in contact with your audience. However, the share number of available choices are sometimes scary, especially if you are just starting out.

However, why chase after the unicorns and abandon the old horses, which still can and will deliver stellar performance? I am talking of course about SMS and Emails here.

Key similarities and differences between the two

Both SMS and E-mail are very common, convenient, fast and efficient way of communication. There are so many similarities between these two forms of communication that it would require the whole day to list it thus I am going to share only key points:

  • Two-way communication with the customer. It entices them to text back, reply to the email or even pick up the phone and call you;
  • Can be segmented;
  • Can be personalized;
  • Can reach huge number of people in minutes;
  • Low cost.

The main difference between SMS & Emails is that SMS is for short, time-sensitive communication (for example reminders, appointments or even sales alerts). While emails are usually used to send a larger amount of content - more informative. Another difference - emails have only 20% of open rate (depending on the industry, it might be higher or lower). However, SMS has an open rate of 90% and the message is read within 3 min of delivery.

Now the question is, how those could be implemented together into one cohesive strategy?

Examples of Possible Implementation

  • Improve emails read rate – trigger a text message notification to email subscribers who have not yet opened or clicked on the email. Works well for all kinds of content, but especially with emails full of structured information.
  • Increase sales – retailers could send a specific promotion email with an option to opt-in for the subscribers to receive an SMS reminder on the day of the promotion. This way ensuring maximum participation. Or you could use emails to inform about the new items while SMS for a flash sale.
  • Catch up with stagnant subscribers - if you have recipients that have received 4 or 8 emails from you but continues to ignore you, why not drop them a message to see how they are doing? Don’t use this as a chance to sell to your recipients. Simply ask them how they’re doing and if they saw the most recent offer you sent out.

The sky is the limit as long as you have creativity. Think, innovate and don’t be afraid to try something new.