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With the rise of ecommerce and more and more people shopping online everyday, connecting and keeping customers loyal is at the top of everyone's minds. Although SMS messaging may seem simple and straightforward, it can also provide many options to improve customer service and make your business stand out.

Ecommerce has been consistently booming since the rise of the internet. According to Statista, global online sales have reached $1,471 billion worldwide in the B2C market with Amazon being the above-all leader. This presents immenseless opportunities to reach more people with your products via the internet. SMS, is a way to go above and beyond and provide an exceptional customer service experience.

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The uses of SMS in the ecommerce sector is only limited by your creativity and imagination. In the ever evolving global market, setting yourself apart from the competition is the key. From sending order updates to personalized recommendations, here are some of the great uses of text messaging your potential and existing customers:

  • Mix in-store and online sales by sending important information about picking up online orders in "brick and mortar" stores.
  • Notify customers of ongoing promotions instantly by reaching them on the mobile phones in their pockets.
  • Quickly inform people of changes in prices of items they have previously viewed and have not had enough incentive to order before.
  • Remind users of an abandoned cart by SMS and encourage them to complete their purchase with added incentives.
  • Has your user been browsing the beauty section of your store? Give them personalized updates of new product launches and specials available and show them the things they are really looking for.
  • Notify them of dispatched goods and expected delivery times keeping important order information at their fingertips.
  • Connect with them personally and enable them to provide feedback in a quick and effortless way by replying to your SMS. Differentiate yourself and show them they are more than just a number.
  • The ideas above are just the start. SMS messaging allows you flexibility and creativity in achieving your marketing and sales goals, with the possibility to reach your customers quicker and easier than traditional email and social media channels. According to Inc. Magazine, SMS messages have a 95-97% open rate, compared to the 28 percent of an email. The benefits are obvious.

    So what's next? Fit SMS marketing into your strategy and start collecting an opt-in database of customers wishing to receive messages from you. Done correctly, you can increase your conversion, foster customer loyalty, and build on your customer relationships without appearing as intrusive or "spammy". Happy customers means a happy business, and SMS for your ecommerce business can be a great addition.