Biggest SMS Marketing Mistakes

There is no need for me to say that there is always a possibility to make a mistake in your marketing campaign. However, here are 6 blunders to avoid at all cost.

Annoying Texts

No one likes to receive materials that annoys them. Same is with SMS messages. Thus do not send messages to late or too early. Stick to the business hours. Additionally, avoid sending messages to often, nobody likes to receive loads and loads of advertisement. Accordingly send your SMS in waves to ensure you are optimizing the interaction. Best practice is to send, at most, 2 – 4 texts a month. Any more risks annoying your customers.

Forgetting that the campaign should be about mobile experience

While in the planning stage make sure that the customer experience is optimized by linking to mobile sites. Do not send customers to places where they need to open a PDF or Email. If a log in is required, ensure that it is not to complicated. Use social confirmations like Facebook for an easier use, besides it gives you a wealth of data. It is all about ease of use for the phone user!

Not having the consent

Sending messages without the consent is a very damaging action for the brand. You might face heavy fines, annoy customers, loose potential and existing customers. However, by getting consent you ensure that marketing campaign will be legal. Additionally, you will yield a greater response since you will be engaging with customers who want to receive your messages.

Not including Opt-Out

Always include an opt-Out option for the subscriber. Make sure it is simple and easy to do. This way you will avoid damaging your brand by infuriating client when he can’t opt-out.

Other marketing channels are not included

Don’t forget, you can use your SMS in unison with other marketing channels. To bolster the reach and improve the communication. If it is done correctly it could increase your email open rate, sales and engagement. Plus a wealth of data.

Too long, too vague texts

No one likes to read long vague and especially complicated texts. A mobile phone of a user contains better part of their life. From memories to daily stuff like emails and conversations with their friends. If you are planning to send SMS it is important to understand that you are engaging with the customer on a personal level. Thus if you are planning to do it, then make an effort to understand your customers and what they expect from your message. As well as make it short and to the point.