6 SMS marketing strategies to help You out

SMS marketing is on the rise. More and more businesses finally understand the benefits and possibilities that SMS provides. However, like starting anything new the question arises where to start and how to do it. To avoid this feeling here is a list of the most common but well performing SMS marketing strategies. 


Greeting SMS


Greet or welcome SMS are a great example of live communication with the client – a starting point. Inform them of successful registration, welcome them in the family and take your communication from there. One small advice - don’t spam. Ensure your information sent is valuable to the client.  


Exploit “Special” Events


Imagine it’s father’s day. Include a quote – heartwarming, inspirational or funny - add a call to action at the end of it and ta ta. You have a great SMS message going around. Putting smile on people faces and potential customers. A text could be as simple as this one: “Today is national Father’s Day! Take your pops with you and get free ice-cream when you show this message at Jonnies Ice-cream House”.


Day to Day Routines


Everyone knows that majority of people in one way or another live in a routine. This could be perfect for your business. Research what people do routinely and exploit it. For example, most people go to eat lunch at around 12am. Now once you have this information you can curate a perfect message targeting people going to lunch. Time it right, like 30min before lunch period for the best effect. Here is an example: “Feeling hungry? Bring a friend to a “Alibaba” Restaurant at Lester St. and get 20% discount for your meals with this message”.  This way you make a choice and incentive for them as to where they should go to eat.


SMS Coupons


It is way more effective than paper coupons or flyers. Just think about all the production and distribution costs that goes in to a paper coupon. Plus, people usually end up throwing them away. Because of the nature of the smart phone, it is very difficult to ignore a message and they tend to stay on for a while. Leaving a longer exposure and potential for using this coupon.


Informative Tips


Depending on your customer requests you could send informative tips, daily, weekly or monthly. You could also personalize for different client groups different information. For example, important changes in the financial world – clean energy sector.




Who doesn’t love a good old lottery? Especially if they only need to reply a word or a phrase to a short code.  If you are creative you could even get more numbers out of this. 


Many businesses are already getting the most out of their text message marketing campaigns using these and other more innovative strategies. However, this list is a great start for any new players in SMS Marketing, so get started, don’t miss out on the opportunities!